A Field Guide to the Wondrous World of 'How To Do Everything'

After a family tragedy, Jim reconnects with his old friend, Ben, a hopeless romantic who offers to help Jim make amends with his girlfriend, Sam. Nothing, of course, goes according to plan. Instead of a happy ever after, Jim, Ben, Sam, and their friends find themselves dealing with a host of quirky characters (a domineering gym manager, a pretentious director, a wildly eccentric acting teacher, a space cadet police officer, and many more), all while trying to convince their families that the 'acting thing' is worth it.


The 'How To Do Eveything' team met through a 72 Hour Short Film Challenge at The Actor's Green Room, where Alex Kraft and Luke Winter were tasked with coming up with the idea for an original, comedic ten minute short film (produced by Krista Padilla and Joe Tribble). The resulting short film ('The Window Is Open') was a lot of fun to make, and after the director (Danny Oakden) mentioned how fun it would be to expand the film into a web series, with that offhand roguish charm he wears so well, Alex and Luke solemnly took a blood oath to write a web series and steeled themselves for certain comedic defeat. While Alex and Luke were slaving away without food, water, or company, Joe Lacerda and Joe Tribble took a beachside bromance vacation in the Maldives and casually tossed around stray logistical details. Before long, the first season of How To Do Everything was written, and at least one writer had prematurely aged ten years.



The How To Do Everything team is committed to creating a hilarious and deeply relatable story with the highest possible production values at the micro budget independent level, yada, yada, yada. But seriously.


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