Luke Winter


Luke Winter (Greg) is a graduate of New York University´s Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in Acting. Whilst at NYU, he worked with some of the industry´s best, like Andy Roth, Ted Sluberski, and Vance Barber.


After spending two years at the New Studio on Broadway, he attended Stonestreet Studios Film & Television Conservatory, where he discovered his passion for not just acting, but creating. He wrote a 5-page short film entitled, "This One Time at Camp", which suffered from a devastating lack of continuity and sound mixing, and never looked back.


Luke is the co-writer of "How to Do Everything", with Alex Kraft. He also has a feature film, "If You Say It Is", in pre-production and many more projects in various stages of the creative process, as is the life of an artist. 


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