Matthew F. O'Connor


Matthew F. O'Connor is a native New Yorker, raised in the Bronx and living on the East End of Long Island.

Matthew always wanted to be an actor but was afraid of rejection, so he put those aspirations aside. Matthew excelled academically and was a class clown at the same time. He began to play bass guitar at age 17 and soon found himself in a rock band with his friends.

Matthew soon realized that rejection was nothing to be afraid of and in 2007 began to dream again about being an actor. On a dare from his wife, Barbara, Matthew answered an audition for a local play...and got the part. The door to acting finally opened for him, albeit it took almost 20 years for Matthew to start knocking. Meeting other actors and directors who encouraged him to keep pursuing this calling has only made Matthew want it more. During one play, the director prompted him to audition for an acting class. When Matthew arrived at the audition he found himself face to face with Alec Baldwin, who was actually teaching the class. Matthew landed a spot in the class which featured Monologue and Scene Study work. Soon Matthew landed a student film followed by a regional commercial and the work began to come. Matthew has done local theater performances, been in several independent films, re-enactment shows and television shows, including Royal Pains, Law & Order: SVU, HBO Film's "You Don't Know Jack starring Al Pacino.

Matthew became a member of the SAG/AFTRA Union in 2012 and landed his first Union job on HBO's Boardwalk Empire. Matthew is thrilled to begin what he hopes to be a long and promising career.


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